Scoring a Film – Part 2

Music has officially been recorded! Actually, a sizeable amount is finished, which feels really nice. For the sake of accurately documenting the process, I should probably step back a bit. Upon my last writing of this topic, no work had been done at all on my part, and I had only seen a rough edit of the film. Since then, the edit has been completed and I have been given a picture lock (it looks fantastic.)

Once I received said picture-lock, I had what is called a spotting session, which is a meeting with the Director and Music Director (and in this case the Audio Editor) and myself in which we watch the film in its entirety and discuss our plans for the music. These meetings can go different ways, depending on the director and others involved, and this one went quite well. It was very open-ended, which was refreshing, and was like a loosely structured, very collaborative brain storming process. Sometimes the Director and Music Director will come to the spotting session with temp music and basically all the cues and musical moments worked out, which has its own benefits, but in the case of this film I’m certainly glad it went the way it did.

Since the meeting I have been moving at a steady pace, knocking out the cues we came up with in a more-or-less chronological order. One interesting aspect of the music is that we are working with a country singer-songwriter named Nate Kipp (who is great by the way, you should check him out) who wrote two songs that are featured in the movie, and served as inspiration for much of the score. My favorite thing about that is that I got to produce the songs, and am super excited with how they turned out,¬†being my first foray into working with country music. It’s also cool to have that extra material to draw from in creating the rest of the music, and opens up some¬†great possibilities for thematic material and creating an overall sense of unity in the score.

I probably have a little over half of the music left to write, and hope to have it finished up within a week or so, and intend to conclude my little “Scoring a Film” series with final thoughts and all that after the completion. As of now, it’s back to writing!