Scoring a Film – Part 1, or something

It’s quite a large undertaking, daunting to say the absolute least, to score a film. Daunting in part because there are so many different meanings for that term as it relates to style and genre, the artistic intent of the director, the composers own artistic intent, and so on. There is no real formula, and no right or wrong way.

In the coming months I will be taking on my largest scoring project yet, it’s not a feature length film, but a solid 25 minutes and focusing on a genre and style I’m largely unfamiliar with… namely country and western. The film is titled “Of Blood and Brine,” and is being made by Film 5 Entertainment, for whom I’ve been fortunate enough to do plenty of work in the past. This film will serve as their senior thesis for graduation, and will premier at the Angelika Theater sometime this spring. It is a fantastic opportunity, and something I feel grateful to be a part of, but I can’t help but be more than a bit nervous about it (as I always am before starting a film project.)

These things typically come together in a way that is difficult to describe, like some sort of organized chaos… but by the time its all over with it’s nearly always surprisingly good, to me anyway. The fact that they get completed at all is astonishing based on my feelings of overwhelming, but they do. Anyway, this is the preliminary thought process I suppose, and I will continue to post updates of the process and whatnot as things continue to move along. So stick with me! We will get through this feat together, and it will be great fun I’m sure.

To find out more about the film and the people making it, check out