Art Music

My most recent album of instrumental compositions, titled “Odds and Ends”



Below are some older pieces from my college years:

This is a mixed media piece titled “Ex Seclu.” The piece is constructed from samples recorded of an antique, out-of-tune upright piano. Each note was carefully recorded at three velocities, then the recordings were cut up and assigned to their respective keys in a computer sampling program, essentially creating a digital, playable version of the piano. The recording process was filmed and footage compiled to create the accompanying video. The piece as a whole represents the unveiling of the piano as a beautiful, albeit imperfect work of art in its own right, escaping its long, quiet life within the confines of my family’s household. 

Here is a performance of my piece “Spring Dance” from the Spring 2012 Collin College Music Awards Ceremony. I was extremely proud of this piece, and am grateful to the performers for their time and commitment in performing it.

This piece, titled “Final Moments of Despondency” is a musique concrète piece involving the use of various samples and computer-based effects.  

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