Some advice to myself.

So this isn’t a music-related post, so much as a pompous attempt on my part to share some assumed wisdom, because the writing itself demands it and I feel I owe myself honesty to, well, myself. If any of it is accidentally unoriginal, I don’t care. It must have been worth repeating. So here it is, just a transcription of my journal entry for today (hence the odd pacing and whatnot, I hadn’t intended to share):

Let go of your anger. It is fruitless and poisonous.

Let go of your image. It is meaningless, as the perception of others is too broad, scattered, and skewed to be of significant measurable value… at least in the context of what they think about you.

Embrace your fear, and be uninhibited by it. Fear is generally a byproduct of ignorance (we aren’t afraid of the dark, but rather the things that might be in it), and is generally a good compass in favor of knowledge and growth.

Teach yourself to learn well, then learn as vigorously as possible until you die.

Do not seek happiness; it is nowhere to be found. Happiness (according to my highly subjective definition, the concept of happiness being extremely subjective in general) is much more an action than anything, and is simply a byproduct of living well; of creation, honesty, learning, and ultimately working hard for something that matters to you. That’s all there is time for, and often it feels like there is hardly that.

Keep a journal. Write. It is the most accessible form of original creation.

Find people with whom you can share rewarding and enriching conversation, and hold onto them dearly.

Find something worth wanting, ie. not material goods. This is difficult in our age and culture of prescribed wants and ambitions and values, but it is vastly important.

Don’t whine. If you have the power to improve a situation, do it. If you do not, endure it and learn as much as you can from it.

Share your knowledge. It is good for everyone. Secrets are the kindling  of wars and malice, and knowledge and understanding and comprehensive thinking are the only viable ends to hate.